RealBar is a California based company. We started here like so many others, but from our start we held a vision that we hoped would set us apart from the rest.

One will eventually come to a realization that if you have a health consciences approach to consumption in this modern paced lifestyle your choices for healthy foods are limited. It takes time to cook and prepare real food, and time is the limiting factor for so many people. So many settle for less, and eat highly processed foods to meet means, but it shouldn't be that way.

From local farmers markets to trending food preparation start-ups people are stepping in with all sorts of solutions to help fill the much unwanted gap between time and health foods in this busy world.

We took our first step to help fill this gap by creating our very own snack bar. A bar for us that we knew was healthy. One that was raw organic unprocessed and alive with naturally occurring enzymes exactly how nature intended Real food to be.

Organic RealBar is a snack bar that holds the highest quality ingredients, great taste, and the ability to go with you anywhere.

Our Vision

RealBar has many visions and goals in promoting healthy living, but one of the main driving forces is the need to push for better diets. We want to take a stance in guiding our generation by choosing a better alternative for snacking and food consumption.

No more food-like products that mimic foods. The world is made up with unique individuals but in order to show the best version of ourselves, we need to eat and feel our best.

RealBar wants our generation to eat better, live longer and perform at higher optimal levels.

Our Promise

RealBar will always be a name you can trust. We will never compromise your health for lower quality ingredients as your well-being is our first and utmost priority.

These snacks are our snacks, all of our snacks. After all, we are what we eat and what you eat should always be REAL and at its BEST. That is why, we always put the highest quality and best ingredients.

You'll never have to turn around a label to read the ingredients only to put it back down because of all the stuff you cannot pronounce. RealBar is real.

RealBar is a food that is first of its kind. Ingredients derived straight from nature, all the ingredients are organic, kosher and gluten free. We also offer vegan options too.

RealBar features freeze-dried fruit bits, a protein base which includes cashew butter or almond butter, and superfood nutritional ingredients like chia seeds, quinoa crisps, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds and prebiotic fiber.

RealBar is for everyone, we have a honey line available and also an all vegan line.

Use RealBar for a snack, breakfast or a pre/post workout treat.

Enjoy RealBar for any occasions. RealBar is made for jetsetters, backpackers, travelers, school teachers, students, astronauts, engineers, nurses, body builders, rock climbers, musicians, kids of all ages, moms, dads and everyone who just craves for a real snack.